Let us help you haul in more customers.

We help CBD businesses amplify their brand, increase their audience, and generate more revenue.

Giving up part of your company in order for growth is a tough. CBD Haul brings you the money, early adopters, and the expertise needed to grow your CBD business quickly without taking any equity.

Benefits of a Partnership

Launch your product to a larger audience

You've got the products, we've got the tech. Let us use our expertise to guide sales directly to your business.

Get hands-on business consulting

Need marketing and business development help? Our team can help you through the launch and more.

Leverage our powerful and vocal CBD community

Our community consists of people from all walks of life who enjoy CBD and are able in making your products better.

Are You a Good Fit?

Your product is your own

We partner with companies who are direct-to-consumer and are not third-party sellers.

You've got "product/market" fit

You know exactly the niche market you're serving and aren't shy about it.

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